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Zhejiang gold environmental technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in water treatment agents and environmental protection equipment research and development, design, production and sales of industrial science and technology enterprises. Now king beauty environmental protection relies on its annual production capacity of 50000 tons of water processing specialty chemicals and in front of the water level for purification and water treatment equipment has a good reputation, and with the 'golden quality. The production service concept of the world' contributions to environmental protection cause of the motherland.

In the past few years, gold beauty environmental protection has been built the city with hundreds of terminal customers long-term friendly relations of cooperation, involving chemical industry all over the country. Steel. Auto. Security door. Papermaking. Food. Medicine. Power plant. The hotel, such as mechanical and electrical industry waste water environmental protection agent, cooling circulating water, pure water treatment equipment. In protecting the environment and ensure the normal operation of the system, extend the service life of equipment and pipeline, water saving and energy saving and other party and achieved results, and obtained the huge economic benefit and social benefit.

Gold beauty of environmental protection in their own unique scientific research in colleges and universities as the backing, powered by the abundant technical force, to provide customers with advanced technology and complete design, strict quality control, professional installation and debugging and thoughtful after-sales service, all-round to meet the different needs of customers for products.

We will keep in service "to provide integrated water treatment solutions, save cost, the client to ensure that customer resources to focus on core business" principle. To this end, we will continue to challenge themselves and scaling new heights, and, as usual, take customer satisfaction as our duty. Gold beauty with you hand in hand for a better future.

Reverse osmosis RO membrane
Chemical composition: multivariate compound scale inhibitor
Outside view :Amber transparent liquid
Point: this product USES drug composition of synergistic effect, can improve the calcium and magnesium ions and silicate and water solubility and dispersion, effectively avoid dirt and organic sticky mud and the deposit of the membrane surface.
The cooling system "environ
Chemical composition: organic corrosion inhibitors, poly carboxylic acid scale inhibitor and dispersant < br / > Outside view: yellow brown liquid < br / > Point: this product is available in the corrosion of the metal surface to form a layer of dense protective film. With water and complexation of calcium and magnesium ions, formation of the water soluble complex inhibiting scale, at the same time, for the water impurities such as calcium, magnesium, silicon scale has good dispersion performance, suspended in water to make it more stable, to avoid deposit, this product is not easy to hydrolysis and biodegradation. Non-toxic and harmless, no emissions pollution.
"Environmentally friendly"
Chemical composition: organic molybdenum corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and dispersant < br / > Outside view: light yellow transparent liquid < br / > Point: this product is to replace chrome, glass of water treatment agent of a new generation of compound closed water system, the corrosion and scale inhibition performance, and non-toxic, harmless, no side effect to operating personnel, safe, reliable, on the surrounding water environment will not cause harm, is acclaimed by customers at home and abroad "environmentally friendly" composite water treatment agent.
Defoaming agent
Chemical composition: organic silicone, emulsifier < br / > Outside view: milk white viscous liquid < br / > Point: with non-toxic, good dispersion, emulsion stability and defoaming speed, inhibit time is long, resistance to medium temperature (85 ℃), etc. Suitable for wastewater biochemical treatment and the production of foam processing in response.
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